“One is not born a woman, but, rather, becomes one" 

Simone de Beauvoir

The Taming of the Shrew is full of examples of both women and men being told how to perform their gender correctly and in our rehearsals we’ve been looking at how we learn to play our gender roles in the twenty-first century. From adverts to novels, films to soap operas, gendered messages are everywhere. We’ve looked specifically at how popular music constructs gender and want to invite you to take part in the gender roles disco.

As a company we’ve started to compile a list of songs that carry gendered messages, but we want to hear from you: tweet us your suggestions for the gender roles disco and join the conversation about contemporary gender politics. Songs can be any genre, about masculinity or femininity, and can be funny or serious.


Tweet us the artist and the song title along with a one-line description of the track. It might be something like:

  • Pussy Cat Dolls, Don’t Cha: women should compete for male attention;
  • Future ft. Kanye West, I Won: it’s macho to objectify your female partner;
  • One Direction, You Don't Know You're Beautiful: women shouldn’t be vain. But they also mustn’t be ugly.

We’ll create a list of all the songs you suggest and share the results. We look forward to hearing your ideas…

Sara Reimers

Lazarus Associate Director and Director of The Taming of the Shrew